Discover the Code of Miami-Dade County

The laws of Miami-Dade, for non-lawyers.

Miami-Dade Decoded provides the Code of Miami-Dade County on one friendly website. Inline definitions, cross-references, bulk downloads, a modern API, and all of the niceties of modern website design. It’s like the expensive software lawyers use, but free and wonderful.

This is a public beta test of Miami-Dade Decoded, which is to say that everything is under development. Things are funny looking, broken, and generally unreliable right now.

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Inline Definitions

Throughout the Code of Miami-Dade County, very specific legal definitions are provided for terminology both specialized and mundane. If you don’t know which words have special definitions, and what those definitions are, then you can’t understand what a law really means. Miami-Dade Decoded solves this problem neatly, by identifying every definition in the Code of Miami-Dade County and providing a pop-up definition every time that a defined word appears.

Bulk Downloads

Miami-Dade Decoded isn’t just a pretty website—you can take the laws with you, too. On our downloads page you can get copies of all of the laws of Miami-Dade in any format that you like, to do whatever you like with. They’re available in formats meant for you to read and in formats meant for software to read, too. If you’re a software developer, you’ll love our API!